The following statement was released on September 14, 2020

Right now corporations, investors and fiduciaries must understand a crucial fact: the future of commercial real estate, airlines, and other industries that depend on close contact between people must be built on a foundation of clean, secure, and safe workplaces — and that starts with supporting essential workers. This is not only vital for the future of these industries and to manage risk for those who invest in them, it is a matter of life and death.

When janitors like Carolina Rocha in Sacramento, California put themselves and their families at…

The peaceable transfer of power through the democratic process of voting is one of our country’s most stability-enforcing institutions. This tradition has been, and continues to be, essential to the long-term financial well-being of Americans and the continued growth of the American economy.

American workers, retirees and companies have unquestionably benefited from the domestic tranquility that has flowed for generations, as a result of every voter’s steadfast belief that their role is respected and protected.

As women, African-Americans, and draft-age youth have also gained the right to vote, they too have become an integral part of this essential democratic process…

Every elected Democratic State Treasurer signs letter in support of former Vice President Joe Biden’s candidacy for President of the United States

There is absolutely no question that our citizens will be best served by Joe Biden becoming the next President of the United States.

Despite significant erosion of America’s economy and global reputation, Donald Trump continues to argue that the country is better off under his leadership and that the pandemic will miraculously disappear. His mismanagement of the COVID crisis has states and local communities facing shortfalls that affect all Americans, and particularly those already marginalized. State and local…

When the story of the American economy is told, the CEO is usually cast as the hero or the villain. In both cases the CEO is framed as the essential character.

The Covid-19 pandemic has provided us with a different perspective on who is most essential to the functioning of the economy.

From this new vantage point the most essential characters are workers who shield us from risk: janitors who clean residue of Covid-19, delivery people who keep food and medicine coming to our doors, grocery store clerks who navigate people and products exposed to Covid-19, nurses who keep tending…

Democratic Treasurers Association

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